Week Two Down - Rowing Strong

June 19th, Sunday @ 4:03 pm PST
Call from Megan: Report from family

The weather had lightened up but still a challenge. They're both having "moments" of discontent but are strong and trudging along. I think it depresses them a little to be so very far behind.  Neither of them are used to being in the rear of any competition.  

They miss their families but she said they're not ready to break out the mermaid gear yet so things aren't that bad.

Thursday is Meg's birthday so we're sending her happy birthday wishes for gentle winds, strong currents and dreams of cake and homemade ice cream!

June 19th, Sunday @ 5:30 PST
Call from Vicki:

The weather now is stormy and very cold. 
It was warm..."T-shirt weather...Got some house cleaning done and dried our clothing."

The winds are going to be favorable, but since they are coming out of the North it's a little chilly now.  They're wearing gloves and going strong. The stormy weather makes it difficult to eat, cook and going to the bathroom in the boat is... scary.

They don't see each other that often because one is rowing and the other is resting. They are settled into their shift routine of 2 to 3 hours on and off.

She is feeling a little homesick, but knows that "every stroke gets her closer to her family."

You can find a daily report on the Great Pacific Race at http://www.greatpacificrace.com/news

Rough Seas and Strong Winds

June 12th, Sunday @ 12:30 pm PST
Call from Megan:
'She reported they are doing well. They miss everyone and can't wait to see our faces.'
"The seas were rough", but are getting better and they are safe.

June 12th, Sunday @1:09 pm PST
Call from Vicki:
The weather has been rough and nasty lately with close to gale force winds. These winds are causing close to 25-30 foot waves. 
She estimated the wave height based on the length of Sedna (their boat) as they were riding the top of a wave and looking down seeing another boat length distance. They are rowing very hard to battle the winds. Big waves had crashed onto them soaking everything in the hatch. 
Their EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) accidentally went off. All boats must now keep their EPIRB's in bags and keep their SAT phones on at all times 24/7. This will increase their solar power consumption. However, today was the first sunny day since they left. The clear skies will help charge the batteries. They are enjoying the sun and clear weather, but the waves are still there.
Vicki commented, this has been " Fun, scary and exciting"!

You can find a daily report on the Great Pacific Race at http://www.greatpacificrace.com/news


We received our first ground call from Vicki and Megan!

We received our first ground call from Vicki and Megan on Sunday at 2:20 pm Pacific time!

They experienced some nausea, nothing serious. They both have anti-nausea patches and are staying well hydrated. During the day they were playing 'tag' with team "Row Aloha," but eventually lost sight of each other.

They saw amazing bioluminescence, dolphins, and two whales under their boat. They weren't certain if they were blue or grey whales. For their first night, they each slept well and looked forward to coffee, which tasted pretty good. Megan has a few blisters on her hands, but nothing serious. The high pressure system is bringing fair weather, light winds and controlled waters.

All's well and we will continue to update weekly when they call the ground team.