No sore bums Great spirits

As reported by the Great Pacific Race:

"Many, if not all, of our rowers will experience during their crossing, Sore Bums."
"Gunwhale Bum, is a rash on the rump caused buy spending too much time in damp or wet gear."......"Getting Pizza Bum or Barnacle Butt is no laughing matter."

July 3rd, late evening, call from Vicki to her husband:

Her butt is doing good! She has been using Gold Bond powder religiously and only has a couple spots. She has a few blisters on her feet. Any cuts and injuries out there can get infected right away. The salt accumulation can lead to some nasty boils. Other than that, she's in good health.

(Speaking about bottoms...we heard today their boat "Sedna" now has a clean, shiny bottom after diving in and scraping the hull. So, no barnacle bottom there!!!!)

As far as milage, on Sunday when she called, they hadn't passed the half way point yet, BUT, she's calculated that chronologically, they're more than half way there.

Tropical storm Agatha was sizzling out and had turned South. They weren't affected by it but they did experience higher waves and rain. They are tired, but they are fine and doing well!

They may see the other team as they pass-by. However, they couldn't visually see a huge cargo ship that was 10 miles away, they could only see the ship on their AIS. (Automatic Identification System)

As she was talking on the phone to her husband Chris, she could hear her dogs barking. It was so good for her to hear them again and she can't wait to get home. She's in good spirits.

July 4th, early afternoon, call from Megan to her family:

Our call from Megs Sunday was very satisfying! We had been concerned over the weather situation and hearing they were not so much worried brightened our outlook greatly.  That being said, their spirits were very positive and they were mostly interested in the plans for arrival, celebration and vacation, wanting to hear we were moving ahead with those plans, which island we were considering and that there would be home cooking available. 

Apparently, Megan did break out the mermaid pants on her birthday but not the mermaid suit for bottom scrubbing the boat yet.  They should make the half way point late tonight (Monday) and are already thinking to the finish.

"Love, love, love and admire these FTK women"

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