Call from Megan: 7:00 EST

We are "Very Excited" and our "Spirits are high!"
Meg called and asked for certain clothes to be sent from home. With all the sores and blisters they acquired, they are also asking for "Mu Mu's!"

There are no more hurricanes in site for the forecast! And possibly, no more Sunday calls! The next time we talk will finally be in person.
Megan has a special beverage request of Lime and Club soda in gallon jars with lots of ice!
(That's all??....You got it Megs!)

The winds subsided from 20-24 knots to 11-15 knots pushing them towards Hawaii. The seas are a little "Sloppy", but nothing at all like it has been. They're hoping these "Nautical days" will be over soon as they cruise over into Hawaii.
The first point of land they look forward to seeing is the Light House at Makapuu ( See above photo)
This is the light that can be seen 19 miles away from the island of Oahu.

Call from Vicki 8:30 p.m. EST

We are "Tired, but have more left in our tanks!" There was a lot of rain during the day when the storms were close. But now the skies have been blue during the day with some rain at night. It has also been "Very hot without shade."

Now that the storms are gone, the winds have died down to 10-12 knots. The waves have also calmed down which makes rowing a lot easier. But, the rowing is not as fast as when we were in high winds.
We will be changing our rowing schedule so that we'll be rowing together more often but with different shifts. 
The cabin is so hot and humid making it difficult to get any sound sleep. We don't plan on any restful sleep until we actually arrive in Hawaii.

We have a big old Frigate bird with a 4 foot wing span hanging around our boat. It dives down for fish and follows us! It's so nice to have its company.

From our AIS, we were able to pick up a few sailboats and could see a mast light on the horizon!  They were part of another race between California and Hawaii. SO AMAZING!!

Flying fish are still jumping into our boat. One hit Vicki in her chest harness and another hit Megan in the eye. 
No worries, they are "OK"!! 
These fish are only 1-4" long. They were more "Surprised" than anything else. They tried to rescue as many as they could.

Both Vicki and Megan are so happy Hurricane Darby has missed them and mostly they are very excited about being so close to Hawaii !!

It's your turn West Coast and Megan will be on deck!
Los Angeles #1 Hit radio station 102.7 KIIS FM to interview at sea this Tuesday, July 26th, 1:15pm, PST, with D.J. "Alex", iheart media.
Prerecorded with airing at several L.A. radio stations. We will let you know its broadcasting and when to listen!!


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