Back On Course!

Sunday, July 17th, Call from Vicki 6:30 p.m. EST

Questions have been asked..,
"What happened with progress?"

Our Fight the Kraken team have endured multiple category three hurricanes and tropical storms in an El Nino year with conditional events affecting the tropical Pacific region:

Hurricane and Tropical Storms; Agatha, Blas, Celia, Darby and the newest and latest.. Estelle !

The current remnants from Hurricane Celia have caused all the classic rowers a direct hit and to sea anchor for a couple of days and ride out the storm. They have been seeing swells with an upward of 12' with winds from the NE at a steady 28-30 knots, and gusts up to 35 knots.

There were strong winds and ocean currents that were pushing them in the wrong direction. The Great Pacific Race Directors advised all affected rowers to "Sea Anchor" until ocean conditions were favorable. Within 36 hours and two hours of this message, our girls at Fight the Kraken HAVE STARTED ROWING ONCE AGAIN!!!

Within a few hours of rowing, they saw a bunch of Dorado fish and also a 7 foot long Thresher Shark! It was swimming next 'Sedna', their boat, and was actually rubbing up against her!!! So Very exciting!!

They just ate their last package of Ramen Noodles. They have plenty of other provisions; a combination of healthy condensed calorie packaged foods, and MRE'S, but Ramen Noodles were their favorite.

Vicki and Megan would like to send their gratitude to everyone who have offered their well wishes and prayers through the ground team.  A very special "Thank YOU" to all who have been thinking about them and tracking them!

Soon, within 14 days or less they will land in Waikiki. 
Vicki is looking forward to a well deserved vacation with her wonderful and supportive husband, Chris!

Call from Megan: 8:30 EST

They are in great spirits!  When the wind shift clocked around East, about 20 knots, they decided to get rowing. They pulled up their sea anchor, and Vicki started to row. They are taking off heading North West. They saw a bunch of Dorado fish hiding out under the anchor (Also known as Mahi-Mahi) the fish didn't want to leave the boat!

The girls have positive spirits and were ready to leave the confines of cabin life and start rowing.

The breeze was blowing SSE. This put the wind on their stern, although the seas were confused, the winds were in the right direction pushing them towards Hawaii!! The winds have now downgraded from 35 knots to 20 knots.

Celia is now a tropical disturbance. Our girls had gotten the brunt of the storm requiring them to hunker down.

The entire FTK Ground Team, Families, Friends and Supporters, would like to very much thank the Great Pacific Race Team and Skipper, Rod Mayer, of the Galen Diana for their amazing support. 
"We really appreciate you being in the trenches with Vicki and Megan during these difficult times while facing the same disturbing conditions."
 "Thank you so much for your support and keeping an optic view on them!!"

It appears Tuesday-Wednesday- Thursday will be beautiful trade winds pushing our girls towards Hawaii.

The Trade winds are consistant winds blowing 18-20 knots which sets up a pattern against confused seas.

ALOHA...They're on their way!

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