Frigate Birds and Meteorites

Frigate Birds:
A "Frigate" is a war ship, which was the source of travel for this certain bird known as the "Frigate Bird." These birds are found in tropical and subtropical conditions, and are able to soar for weeks on wind currents.
The girls are tired but doing well. The Frigate Birds were keeping them company. However, as entertaining and pretty as they were, they kept trying to eat the boat's antennas.  

Fight the Kraken Mission:
They've seen lots of plastic floating in the ocean. They've seen everything from milk crates and jugs, laundry containers and lots of fishing gear; nets and buoys. These are some examples of the plastic wastes found in our oceans everyday. This is why we want to raise awareness and education of the damaging effects we are causing our oceans.

2 meters is approximately 6.56 feet tall
A good day for us is experiencing 2 to 4 meter waves. An average day is 5 to 7 meters. Every now and then a big wave will crash and fill up the cock pit. They would then have to manually pump the bilge. (The bilge is the area on the hull where the bottom curves to meet the vertical sides). The person rowing is in charge of the bilge. Pumping is very important in helping to make the boat lighter. While Vicki was talking on the phone with her husband, Chris, twice she was soaked by crashing waves. The whole cabin was completely soaked. The waves can be really steep and sometimes "Scary." 

Smelly Cabin:
The cabin smells like a "dead homeless person"... All thanks to those wonderful expedition meals! Don't ask. Whether it's a reconstituted MRE tasting like "lasagna or roasted chicken"'s all the same.  Fresh food after four or five days would spoil. Freeze dried packaged food heated by jet boil fuel, are new to our systems. Add two salt water soaked athletes and everything that should be dry for two months at sea...and BAAAM!

Meteor or Meteorite:
July 4th, Vicki was on deck and thinking about fireworks. There was a 'New Moon' and it was really dark. ALL OF A SUDDEN, the whole boat lit up like it was under a "Spot light." She woke up Megan. As they both looked up, they saw a huge bright light in the sky,  and it started heading east. Leaving a trail across the sky,  little fragments started breaking off as it moved away. It was beautiful and AMAZING!  They both watched as it traveled beyond the horizon. Was it a meteor or a meteorite?

They're still feeling some little effects of Hurricane Blas, which had been down graded and is now helping to push them along. 

Keep your eyes open for the next Hurricane... Celia. Hopefully it will also help push them along, as it may take the same path as Blas!


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