Good Spirits and Flying Fish!

June 26th late evening, Call from Vicki:

It was stormy earlier this week, but ever since Meg's birthday, they've been having "Good Weather". They've been keeping their main hatch and everything open where they sleep for fresh air.

They recently ran into some technical problems, but they were able to make repairs at sea. 

They saw Flying Fish which is a good sign for the 'Trade winds'.  As quoted by the GPR: "As our rowers continue to get closer to Hawaii, they will eventually pick up the trade winds.  The trade winds are the prevailing pattern of surface winds found in the tropics."  The winds this week should increase and gradually change from the North to from the East. "These winds from the East will help push us along".

Vicki says, they are in "Good Spirits" and are "Staying Positive". They continue to set daily goals accomplishing milage each shift.

June 26th Late evening call from Megan:

It is now a "Day to Day routine getting to Hawaii than it had been surviving the bad weather and rough seas" they experienced from the start.

We are in "Good Spirits" and are relieved to finally be in good weather now.

They've gotten into their rowing routine of  switching "time on and time off".

She thanks everyone for their positive thoughts, prayers and support!!!

From the Ground Team: Our girls are doing well!....Your support is amazing! Please continue to send your positive thoughts and prayers!!

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