Week Two Down - Rowing Strong

June 19th, Sunday @ 4:03 pm PST
Call from Megan: Report from family

The weather had lightened up but still a challenge. They're both having "moments" of discontent but are strong and trudging along. I think it depresses them a little to be so very far behind.  Neither of them are used to being in the rear of any competition.  

They miss their families but she said they're not ready to break out the mermaid gear yet so things aren't that bad.

Thursday is Meg's birthday so we're sending her happy birthday wishes for gentle winds, strong currents and dreams of cake and homemade ice cream!

June 19th, Sunday @ 5:30 PST
Call from Vicki:

The weather now is stormy and very cold. 
It was warm..."T-shirt weather...Got some house cleaning done and dried our clothing."

The winds are going to be favorable, but since they are coming out of the North it's a little chilly now.  They're wearing gloves and going strong. The stormy weather makes it difficult to eat, cook and going to the bathroom in the boat is... scary.

They don't see each other that often because one is rowing and the other is resting. They are settled into their shift routine of 2 to 3 hours on and off.

She is feeling a little homesick, but knows that "every stroke gets her closer to her family."

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