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get a fun, reusable coffee mug.

There are a million different options to fit your style and most places will give you a discount when you fill up!





While not enough on its own (preferably we should consume less as a species) recycling is a great place to start. Check with your township or city to get the details on what you can recycle and how it should be sorted. Additionally, try to buy things in non-plastic, inert materials such as glass. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity, something few packaging options can claim - it's safer for the environment because it's basically melted sand!


Use a non-disposable water bottle

Grab a reusable BPA-free plastic, or better yet, glass water bottle.

You'll save money by filling it up in the morning from your own filter. In addition to helping the ocean, it's healthier and cheaper than buying a soda from the machine down the hall!



Always keep one in your car or backpack to use for all of your shopping, not just at the grocery store.





Use a large, in-refrigerator, charcoal-based filter instead of buying plastic gallon water bottles.




Stop topping off your tank

Continuously topping off your tank increases the chance of spilling gasoline.  Try to let your tank run to at least 1/4 tank before stopping at the station, and stop when the pump tells you the first time. Excess gas runs into sewers and all sewers eventually lead to our oceans.



buy in bulk

Cut down on over-packaging by bringing your own containers to the store. Most major grocery stores now offer lots of every-day use pantry items at a much greater value. Save money AND the planet!  

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